Burl quickly expands, moving from Detroit to Roseville, Michigan


Burl Matthew opens his first honing shop in a one-car garage in Detroit, Michigan. Commercial Honing Co., was founded, as Matthew hand-hones cylinders, walking back and forth the full length of the steel tube to hone the inside diameter of the steel tube.


Burl welcomes his son-in-law to the operation by opening up a machine shop in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Hayden Road.


CoHone Industries is sold to Paul Campbell, who continued the focus of service and repair of hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors. The company name is updated to Cohone Technologies.

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Cohone Technologies moves to our new state-of-the-art building in Gilbert, AZ.


Roger Campbell purchases the service portion of Cohone Technologies from his brother, giving Cohone Technologies Sales and Service a new foundation.


Burl expands again, setting up shop in Hamlet, Indiana, serving the Chicago area. The Indiana plant, opens with six honing machines running.


Burl returns to Michigan, this time in neighboring Jackson, Michigan.


Burl continues to expand, this time to Knox, Indiana. The Knox division introduces service and repairing honing equipment. The Knox division also begins supplying honing stones for other area plants.


Burl sells the Indiana operations to Copperweld Corporation, in efforts to focus more on the repair of hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and motors.


The Scottsdale, AZ, shop relocates to Chandler, AZ, citing rapid honing business.